We have developed a suite of reports to help you analyse your supporters. Looking at both financial and non financial data we have come up with over 20 metrics that can help you drill down further to your supporters and score your database records.

Having spent a number of years working with leading CRM systems in the NFP sector and working closely with large organisations with their segmentation and reporting requirements we have a enterprise level reporting suite that is available to charities.

Our reporting suite – this is a suite of upto 25 reports which show you every aspect of your supporters and helping you to identify the who, what, where and when they have engaged with your organisation.

Our KPI suite – gives key metrics that every charity should be measuring like, total income, number of contacts and what the size of your communication channel contacts are as well as looking at things like gift aid penetration and value of deferred income. We will work closely with you to help create any other bespoke kpis that your organisation may have.

Our metrics suite – this is where we help you go further looking at the different metrics that we have come up with that allow you to drill further into your data and gain insight into your programmes to help you do more without the cost of acquiring new supporters.

On top of the reports we’ve mentioned above, there is also a configuration tool that allows you to set various configuration options within the reporting suite and a segmentation tool, which helps you create your very own cohorts of supporters so you can analyse them throughout the reports listed above.

If you feel that your data is in need of tidying up before you embark on your reporting journey, we’ve got that covered too with our data cleaning tool, this tool can help you recode your data values to either generate new data values or clean the existing values.

We also have developed an in-depth reporting tool based on the Raiser’s Edge sky api’s so if you are just starting out with Raiser’s Edge or just starting on your reporting journey and don’t want the cost of the reports above then we have this suite of reports that will help you on your reporting journey.

Get in touch and we can tell you more about the tools and discover more about what you’re looking for.