Beginner Reporting

Downloading data to create your reports and analysis?

Here are the steps you can take to get started with Power BI and creating a basic financial report for a charity:

  1. Gather and organise your data: The first step is to collect all of the financial information that will be included in your report. This could include data from your accounting software, such as income and expense data, as well as any other financial data you want to include, such as budget or fundraising data. Check to see if the data is clean and well-organized, with consistent formatting and no missing values.
  2. Connect to your data in Power BI: After you’ve collected and prepared your data, the next step is to connect to it in Power BI. To accomplish this, use Power BI’s “Get Data” feature to connect to your data source. You may need to install a connector or use a different method of connection depending on your data source. You can find out more about the Blackbaud Power BI Connector here
  3. Create a report: After you’ve connected your data, the next step is to create a report. You can accomplish this by utilising Power BI’s various visualisation tools, such as charts, tables, and maps, to create a report that displays your financial data in a clear and meaningful manner.
  4. Customize your report: Once you’ve created a basic report, you can add filters, slicers, and other interactive elements to allow users to dig deeper into the data. You can also use Power BI’s formatting tools to make your report more professional and visually appealing.
  5. Publish and share your report: Once you’re satisfied with your report, you can upload it to the Power BI service and share it with others. You can also embed your report in a website or other application using the Power BI API.

By following these steps, you can get started with Power BI and creating a basic financial report for your charity.