Transform Your BeaconCRM Data into Actionable Insights

Introducing ADRFM Reporting Suite: Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Reporting Tailored for Charities

Do you struggle with year-on-year fundraising analysis? Does it take ages to export, analyse and create your board reports? Do you find it challenging to understand your donor behaviours?

With our tool, you can:

  • Understand your fundraising performance with 3 simple clicks
  • See trends of your fundraising performance and have some key kpi’s emailed to you through your own dashboard
  • Gain more insight into your supporters and how they are engaging with your charity

Here’s a short introduction into our reporting suite which gives you a taste of what insights you can get at a click of a button.


Here’s what some of our customers have said about ADRFM:

“ADRFM gave us invaluable insights into our donor activities, all without needing a technical degree!”

“Finally, a reporting tool that brings all our data into one easy-to-understand platform.”

How it Works

Consuming the BeaconCRM data via their api, we import into our data model non personalised data and transform it so you don’t have to. We add some calculations to the data to help identify key audiences that you should engage with helping you to do more with the supporters you’ve got rather than trying to acquire new supporters in these turbulent times.

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