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Introducing ADRFM

Bringing accessibility to Analytics

Our reporting suite of Power BI reports is tailored for fundraising, marketing, and communications teams in the non-profit charity sector.

Refined over years, ADRFM provides data-driven insights to better understand supporters and elevate the charitable experience.

For Everyone

No matter if you are just starting up or a large organisation, ADRFM’s modular system will give you fresh insight into your supporters with streamlined results.

Easy to Learn

New to the world of analytics? Our comphrensive training programs will help you every step of the way.

Speedy Results

Don’t wait on others – get the information you need today instead of tomorrow with data refreshes that work for you.

Flexible Filters

Fine-tune your results in just a few clicks thanks to ADRFM’s user-friendly interface.


All included with ADRFM

Systems Review

We offers a comprehensive systems review service, which involves a thorough assessment of the systems and processes used for data management within your charity.

Our experts will evaluate your current practices to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your data is effectively collected, stored, and utilised to drive meaningful insights.

Data Health Check

Our in-depth data health check service analyses your non profit’s data, helping you understand how it can be leveraged to enhance your reporting, analytics, and overall insight generation.

We’ll work closely with you to uncover opportunities for data-driven decision making and strategic planning.

Staff Training and Mentoring

Recognising the importance of data literacy within the charity sector, Actually Data Analytics offers comprehensive training and mentoring programs.

Our experienced consultants will work with your staff, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage, interpret, and use data to support your organisation’s goals and objectives.


Get to know Actually Data Analytics

Who We Are

Founded in 2022 by industry experts Anthony Fawkes and Mike Guy, Actually Data Analytics Ltd. is a data consulting firm devoted to the UK charity sector. Based in London with a lean team of three experts, we combine decades of charity and agency experience to empower clients through innovation and a deep understanding of the sector’s challenges.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help non-profits get closer to their data. Specializing in charities that raise funds from individuals, we equip organizations with the tools to optimize fundraising, cultivate stronger donor relationships, and drive impact.

Our Vision

We believe you should be able to look at your data and find the insights you want. By delivering toolsets that remove frustration and time-wasting, it means you can better understand supporters and elevate the charitable experience – no matter your experience in the sector.


hear from those who are already working with us
Paul Hayward
    Paul Hayward

    Engaging Networks

    Working with Actually Data Analytics was a wonderful experience. They work in a responsive, collaborative way to develop and deliver work that not only fulfils your needs, but is presented in a user-centric way – breaking down the barriers between teams and their data. Of special mention is their approach to problem solving; they are knowledgeable and creative when overcoming issues and attentive to user feedback, building on ideas to shape the final product, often going beyond the brief to surface valuable information.

    Dimitris Mandiliotis
      Dimitris Mandiliotis


      What made Actually Data Analytics stand out was their comprehensive approach. Beyond technical skills, they shared valuable insights on topics crucial to our sector, like donor segmentation and ethical data handling, resulting in improvements to our team’s understanding and approach to database management, enhancing both our confidence and efficiency. The mentoring from Actually Data Analytics has been beneficial, empowering our data team to make more informed decisions and contribute more effectively to our organisation’s goals.

      John Bird
        John Bird

        University of Auckland

        The best thing about working with Actually Data Analytics is their ability to bridge the gap between understanding the data and understanding what insight the fundraiser or manager really needs to make a difference in their organisation. They can cut through the noise of the data and use the best technology to develop reporting and analytical solutions that really are ready to be used and will add value to day to day decision making and strategic planning.

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