About Us

Actually Data Analytics has been borne out of years of working with clients who wanted reports, kpis and metrics around their supporters. Combining what we have learnt in the sector for the last 20 years we have come up with our reporting suite.

Mike and Ant have been working together for over 5 years with migrations and health checks on data, talking about best practice and helping organisations do more with less.

Anthony Fawkes

I’ve always been passionate about data, processes and trying to help people understand data and realise that its not that scary!

Anthony has over 15 years’ experience in the UK NFP Market working on CRM systems.

Before this he spent time in the commercial sector working on data warehouse solutions and name and address enhancement for data agencies and print houses. This included working with big brands like Channel 5 and financial institutions as well as non profits.

Anthony likes to get hands on with customers, understanding their problems and finding solutions. Having run Actually Data for the last 15 years he wants to help charities get closer to their data through insight and reporting to help them inform and transform the work that they do.

Mike Guy

Yes we were going to call the consultancy something around our surnames but it felt a little too cheesy!

Mike has lots of experience with large not for profit teams and rolling out CRM solutions. Mike has also worked for a CRM vendor and helped their clients implement their CRM tools so that they could get the best out of the product.

Having worked closely with Actually Data over a number of years, Mike is eager to lead the technological solution or should that be revolution required by customers to get the most from the reporting suite and associated tools.

Having both worked in the charity sector as employees in charities we feel Actually Data Analytics is best placed to understand your reporting needs or the gaps that there might be and how they can help you on your reporting journey